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None of my clothes fit me!

I joined the Live Healthy program through work. I had been in a wellness program at work that identified some health issues that included about 20-25 lbs of excessive weight gain. This and a lack of exercise contributed to an elevated cholesterol level. I made a goal of the weight I wanted to achieve this year. I already have met that goal now. I was able to lose 16 pounds between January and April by getting back into an exercise routine. Working full-time and going to school full-time I was always too busy to get back to the gym. Having to log my times and report them to someone at work encouraged me to get out there and get more miles in at the gym. When I saw the weight dropping off, I stepped up the exercise. I began to eat more healthy because it felt better. I gave up fried foods, diet soda, and stopped eating out as much. Having someone to answer to helped encourage me to keep going. I am grateful to my employer, the Siouxland Community Health Center, for offering wonderful programs such as this one. None of my clothes fit me! What a great problem to have!


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