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"Healthy Snackbox"

Our bank had two teams that participated in the Healthy Living Challenge and I think the results were amazing.  There are several individual success stories but I think each person would have to tell his or her own story. (I lost 14.13%, only 5 pounds above a goal I had set and not achieved for at least two years.  Now I have reached that goal but it is not stable yet!)  Our goals varied from being more aware of what we eat to eating more fruits & vegetables, drinking more water, exercising regulary or losing weight.  Several people really didn't have much weight to lose, if any but they wanted to be "healthier".  Others lost 15 pounds or more (you probably have the total number of pounds lost but I don't - our unofficial tally got over 100 pounds very quickly and this didn't include many of the participants).  There were people who didn't join a team who also lost weight as they partcipated unofficially and the weight loss has continued or been maintained by almost everyone who was involved.
I think the real success of the program was that our habits changed.  We now have a "Healthy Snackbox" that includes fiber bars, 100 calorie packs, yogurt, juices, cheese sticks, et cetera rather than just candy bars and chips.  We still have treats but we don't get breakfast pizza's, burritos or monster bagels on a regular basis and most of us continue to do regular physical activity.  When we do have treats they don't disappear as quickly because we watch our portion size - what wonderful habits for a healthly life.  The 100 day challenge helped us turn small steps into good habits.  I am really glad we participated and I hope we all continue to encourage and motivate each other to continue pursuing a "healthy livestyle". 


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