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Hour glass figure is coming back

Yes, I have had success in the past 100 days !

After going on a trip of my lifetime in April, to Hawaii to welcome my Army son back from Iraq. My dear hubby and I took over 700 pictures. When I downloaded the pictures, I saw myself , and said “YOU FAT PIG” it is time to do something about it. We have a wonderful fitness center at work. I have gone every morning since mid April . I  do the treadmill, step class, elliptical, and weights. The nice yellow blouse that I could not button the bottom button is now hanging off of me. I put it on for the first time since Hawaii, and it is very loose!


I am going to be 51 yrs old next Monday, and I decided I am not going to be bigger than my husband, who is not a large man. He always tells me I am lovely, but he said last week, “Your hour glass figure is coming back”. That is what I wanted to hear. It has been hard work..but I am still losing the old hips! I eat a fruit yogurt smoothie for my morning break that I make myself with my personal blender!! , A huge spinach salad for lunch and a sensible dinner when I get home from work. I also have my team leader to thank for the inspiration and motivation, she has lost weight and works out each morning, she is my mentor ,and she looks fabulous! I want to thank Wel mark BCBS for  the Well for Life Center ,the staff is awesome and they cheer me on as I am feeling the best I have felt in years for a Grandma! I  have lost 10lbs so far and I don’t even know how many inches, but my  size 12’s are hanging off of me now. And that is a great feeling!  Time to shop for new clothes!

If I can do it..anyone can do it!

Gettin fit for 2009 at 51 yrs old!


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