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I don’t want diabetes to take my life

My name is Tracy Anderson and I have type 2 diabetes and I am overweight.  I have an aunt who also has type 2 diabetes.  Over the past few years my aunt has lost her vision, both her legs below the knee, and is currently on dialysis.  It saddens me to see my once lively and fun aunt reduced to a life of medical procedure after medical procedure.

I have a good friend, Bianca Noons of the reggae group The Neutral Sisters who recently passed away in a diabetic coma.   Bianca’s death due to diabetes made me realize that I don’t want diabetes to take my life.  I want both my legs, I want to keep my vision.  I decided I want to lose weight and get control over diabetes before it takes control of my body.

I started dieting in February.  The Live Healthy Harris County Challenge started in April and I knew that it would help me stay on track.  My coworkers and I have salad day every Tuesday.  Every person brings in one item to contribute and we have some of the best lunches.  It is so wonderful to have other people encouraging you to eat healthy and lose weight.

In the past five months, I have lost enough weight that I am now taking 25% of the diabetes meds I was taking in February.  I am also taking 25% of the blood pressure medication I was taking in February.  I am encouraged to keep losing weight and eating healthy so that I will no longer be dependent on diabetes medication.


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